Things got rolling with a wheel and Miguel

Everything I need to start the tutorial

Miguel Grinberg’s Flask Mega-Tutorial guided the first Python webserver I built. It is a fantastic tutorial that I recommend to anyone interested in building web things using Python. When I saw that Miguel had a new blog about using MicroPython to create IoT devices, I signed up immediately. I had no particular reason other than wanting to add to my knowledge set.

I ordered the components from Miguel’s shopping list immediately. About a week later, I had completed the tutorial and was quite pleased with my new IoT device. Not that it served any practical purpose. I love building things and any chance I get to expand how and what I can create, I take.

I’m also always thinking of what I can create next. Those who know me best have all been worn down by my constant stream of silly ideas. So it was only natural that I would start thinking about what I could create with my new-found knowledge. I quickly iterated through several ideas before coming back to a better pill case.

For more than a year I’d been looking for something we could use to help manage Philip’s pills. I’d also been wondering if I could create that something myself. But all of my ideas involved too many moving parts and limitations. The designs I’d considered didn’t have enough flexibility, and they were what I think of as fragile. Too many ways they could fail.

And then I thought of wheel. Instead of starting with a traditional pill case with 7 to 28 doors, I could create something with just one door with and 7 to 28 (or more) pill wells in a circle. Using a motor, I could spin the wheel to bring the correct pill well to the door. All the issues this solved would take me too long to list here. Suffice to say basing the design on a wheel changed everything.

With what I’d just learned from Miguel and my circular pill carriage, I started creating what would become Apothewell.

Daniel Sharp
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