Why Apothewell?

Hello, my name is Daniel Sharp, and I’m the creator of Apothewell. To understand why I’m working so hard on this device, you must first meet my son, Philip, pictured above. He suffered a traumatic head injury as a child resulting in severe seizures and some cognitive impairment. He must take six medications totaling over twenty pills a day, multiple times a day to help control his seizures.

Medication is the only thing between Philip being ok and not; there is little margin for error. Mistakes often mean trips to the ER, or sometimes week-long stays in the hospital. I worry about the long term effect that is having on Philip’s health.

We try every day to make sure Philip takes the right medication at the right time. But still, we sometimes fail. The most frequent issue is Philip getting confused on which day of the week and taking his medication twice. Then sometimes Philip forgets to take his medication. Other times Philip will decide to delay taking his pills because he isn’t feeling well. And I’m always worried that I’m going to load his pill case wrong or forget to order his refills on time. I can’t have him suffer like that for my mistake. I worry about it always.

But these issues are preventable. If Philip is trying to take the wrong day’s medication, I need a pill case that won’t give it to him. If Philip doesn’t take his medication on schedule, I need an alert to appear not just on his phone, but mine and his mother’s also. I need something on my phone that is smart enough to help me load his medication and know when it is time to submit refills.

While thinking through how to build a solution for Philip, it occurred to me that I could use some help myself. The stakes for me aren’t as high or as immediate as they are for Philip. But missing a day of my blood pressure medication has long term consequences for me. I’m as organized as they come and yet I still miss a day here and there.

So, my solution for Philip, for me and those like us is Apothewell.


Smart reminders

With Apothewell your pill reminder can only be dismissed by interacting with the pill case.

Pill loading guidance

Apothewell will guide you as you load your medication to help ensure you medication is right everytime.

Schedule awareness

Apothewell knows your schedule and will help you stay on it while still allowing you or your care giver to easily adjust or override as needed.


Apothewell will alert you and your loved ones when medication is missed.

What is Apothewell

Right now, Apothewell is just a prototype. An early prototype at that. We have just finished the proof of concept phase, and it was a success. We have proven that the basic concept and design is sound.

Now we are moving into the development phase. We are refining the design, improving the aesthetics, working through the user flow and experience, and creating the software to power everything. Plus the multitude of issues that come with each one of those.

We know the broad strokes of what issues Apothewell will solve. We know we will structure it so that users can be independent or have caretakers to assist them, it will have a reminder that persists until the user interacts with the pill case, that it needs to alert, needs to track medication level to help manage refills, and it needs to assist with loading the pill case. We also know it needs to be flexible enough to handle changes in a daily routine. But what else does it need?

The development phase is a critical stage. We are making decisions right now that will be part of Apothewell for years to come. If you are reading this, we would love to hear from you. Use the contact form below to send us how you would Apothewell and the issues you’d like to see it manage for you.

Founder and CEO


Daniel brings decades of experience to Apothewell. He is passionate about creating innovative solutions — the first in the office and the last to leave.

Electrical Engineer


With years of hardware, manufacturing, and engineering experience, Zeke is using his talents to make the pill case ready for production.



The glue that binds us all. Faith manages the day-to-day logistics of Apothewell.



Luka is a high school senior. He is focusing on web development and is applying his burgeoning talents to Apothewell. He is one to keep an eye on. We will get to say we knew him when.

Inspiration and Acceptance Tester


User number one. Philip is why we are building Apothewell. Nothing ships until Philip approves.

Follow our journey as we build Apothewell

Taking an idea from concept to completion is a long process. Follow our journey and stay up to date on progress via our blog. Make sure to give us your feedback in the comments.

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